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WP FeedBack Pro

“The Easiest Way To Manage Your WordPress Agency”

WP FeedBack PRO makes it easy to collaborate with your clients by allowing them to simply click a section on their website and make a request. Save up to 30% from your project completion time and provide a great service to your clients at every stage of a project.
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Termageddon is a generator of policies for websites and applications. When the law changes, so do the policies, keeping your company protected and allowing you to focus on more important things.


Proven Contracts for WordPress Client Work

If your client becomes a monster are you confident in your contract?

Many contracts are full of holes or just a bunch of legalese.

MonsterContracts™ is different.

It addresses the specific situations we encounter as web professionals and provides legal cover for a growing business.


500+ Essential Animated Interactive icons

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Video Guides

We use WP FeedBack Pro to allow our clients to visually submit feedback and requests directly on their own website, drastically reducing time to decipher back and forth emails.

This video will explain exactly how to use WP FeedBack PRO and the benefits it will bring you.

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